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How we recycle e-waste at TRI


We start processing your scrap immediately after we receive it!

All computers are shredded. And this means that we manually take apart all computers and generate several piles of different recyclable/reusable parts: plastic, metal, motherboards, hard drives, memory, floppy drives, wire, and miscellaneous. 

We do reuse some of the computer parts if they are still in good condition.

All hard drives get our special attention in order to protect your privacy. Our WipeMASSter machine erases sensitive data in seven passes which is a DoD (Department of Defense) requirement.  And you can really trust us on this one - we recycle hard drives for ICE, FBI, IRS, GSA, Social Security, Schools, and Community Services. 

All parts that are not reusable are sold for pennies a pound. We sell these materials in the States to different manufactures representatives. Companies in the US, Europe and China then use our scrap to make new products. Nothing gets dumped into rives or the landfills.

Recycling of electronics is essential for the renewable and sustainable manufacturing.

So next time you buy a new IPhone just think that there is a big chance it was made out of your old computer! And we almost forgot to mention – all electronic waste has to be recycled by state law. We want California to be green and environmentally healthy.