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The City Of Montclair E-Waste Collection


Since August 2009 The City of Montclair has enlisted the services of TRI
Products, Inc.
to collect and recycle Electronic Waste from the businesses
and residents of Montclair.

The service is rendered free of charge, and actually returns to the city a
small donation
for every pound of waste recycled.

The waste that is being collected all properly recycled under State of
California's own guidelines. And the very first batch represented almost four tons of Electronic Waste!

According to the EPA report, there is Electronic Waste being disposed of
illegally every day
. Some in landfills, much of just dumped by the side of
a road or out in an uninhabited area. This is a danger to our air and water,
because there is up to eight pounds of hazardous waste in every P.C.!

The response from the residents and businesses in Montclair has steadily
, and the program has been labeled as a
success by the participants.

Future generations won't have to worry about tons of toxic material that could be found in their water supply someday.