How to Make Your Home Greener

Cleaning products are supposed to be beneficial, making home free of any health hazard. However, the chemicals used in these products are not healthy school supplies, strong as they are.

Chemicals as a whole, also carry bad effects on the environment and the natural resources the Earth provides.

These are only tiny steps, insignificant in comparison with a more global environmental problem, but here are ecologically-friendly alternatives home office furniture.

1- Vinegar as a Disinfectant

Vinegar is a natural disinfectant, you can use it to wash clothes instead of other industrial laundry disinfectants. In fact vinegar whitens, brightens, reduces odor, and soften clothes without harsh chemicals. It is safe to use in most washers (standard or high-efficiency) so you don't have to worry about using it. By the way, home electronic stores a high-efficiency and high-volume washer would reduce your electricity costs.

2- Lime/Lemon

To wash the dishes, utilizing half a lime/lemon is efficient on loosening the residue in frying pans and facilitates greatly the cleaning, without using any dish washing liquid. Keep in mind too that for cooking, stainless steel pans are more healthy.How to Sell or Recycle Old Electronics

3- Baking Soda

For stubborn residue on kitchen counters and stove tops for example, baking soda is a real killer. Combined with vinegar it becomes an even more powerful detergent. When you think of how natural or more general items make a great substitute for industrial detergents, you wonder if they are not just ripping us off!This Mumbai College Recycles 100 Kilos Of Electronic

4- If you have a garden, grow your own vegetables !

If you're lucky enough to dispose of a garden, you can grow naturally some vegetables (the one you use most for example) pesticide free. To help them grow, create your own compost from your remaining food waste as a fertilizer. Why trash material that could be instead collected in a compost bin, nothing should be lost, but transformed! This Pakistani initiative is focusing on recycling old electronic gadgets

5- Ecologically-Friendly Light Bulbs

You can find light bulbs that brighten a room efficiently and without generating any excess of heat. This is eco-friendly as well as an economical mean to reduce your electricity costs. Called energy-efficient light bulbs, they last longer than traditional ones and are available in a wide range of colors. Recycle Your Electronics ... Into Furniture!

6- Recycle Bins

Recycling avoids waste that is detrimental to the environment. You can do your small personal part to preserve it by using recycle bins to store all recyclable material and then drop it to a local center designed for that effect in a weekly basis.

7- Find Other Uses for Empty Glass Containers, Plastic Boxes...

Finding other uses for items than just throwing them away is also a kind of recycling. For example, you can use empty glass containers, plastic boxes for a whole other purposes such as storing dry food, supplies. Be creative!

8- Avoid Using Plastic As Much As Possible

Instead of carrying food or water in plastic containers or bottles, use instead stainless steel or glass containers and bottles. Plastic sandwich bags or foil just create needless waste that can be avoided, so why not do so?



Creative Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles

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