TRI Products, Inc.

is a state approved electronic waste collector and recycler. We have been providing free and safe electronic waste recycling services within the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California for over 10 years.


We provide permanent employment opportunities to people who face severe barriers to work.

We create 1 job for every 75,000 pounds of electronics we collect.

Green and Free
TRI Products, Inc. strives to preserve our planet for the next generation and does not believe in making you pay for being environmentally responsible.Why America Is Failing So Badly At Recycling Old Electronics Our electronic waste pick-up service is free for all residents of San Gabriel Valley, CA.

Safe and Secure
Safe disposal of all sensitive data on your electronic equipment is guaranteed. We are equipped with the WipeMASSter machine that can erase data on drives in one pass or by following the strict DoD (Department of Defense) standard which requires seven passes. We are licensed by the State of California and we fully comply with all Environmental Protection Agency regulations. Certification of liability is available upon request.

Friendly and Courteous
TRI Products team is friendly, organized and professional. We take complete care of all your electronic waste recycling needs. We do all the lifting and leave no mess behind. Contact us by calling at 1-877-866-0128 or fill out our online form.

Individuals can store packs set apart with a scanner tag they get in the wake of enrolling. after 48 hours, the discount sum is moved into their financial balance.This Wooden Computer Chip Could Make Recycling Electronics A Lot Easier
PCs, printers, TVs or telephones, individuals can now drop off electronic hardware and a wide range of containers.
The new administration will offer new life to waste that occupants wish to discard. Gold, copper and lead will be extricated electronic hardware while the card will be utilized to make new boxes.
New Brunswick is the main territory that just has no e-waste reusing program. The lessons of the activity will be utilized to guide future common project to be propelled in fall and backing the execution of reusing focuses.Europe doesn't properly recycle most of its electronic waste
A progression of suggestions will be exhibited to the Department of Environment and Local Government, particularly with respect to hours or the likelihood of exchanging the innovation to other reusing focuses.
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It's easy to recycle with us. No hassle and no payments are involved! All our recycling and pick-up services are free for unlimited number of items. We service business and residential facilities and make an electronic waste recycling as convenient as possible. Our goal is to protect planet's health and safely recycle your unwanted computers, monitors, printers, copiers, phones and almost anything that has a power cord! Check out complete list of accepted items.