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Camping coverage is permitted in the Boulder Municipal Mobile Home Recreation Area after the regional authorities have authorized a program change code on Thursday, October 12th. It is authorized to cover campsites in the Mobile Home Recreation Area of ​​the Municipality of Boulder after the regional authorities have authorized a program code change on Thursday, October 12th. Eileen Bore Holes, owner of Canyon Piste Mobile Home Playground, the Twelve Hundred Industrial Highway, asked about progress while he was considering providing camping services to his service and creating three campsites. Neighborhood Growth Representative Eileen Mays explained that the amendment would have the effect of covering current facilities provided by the licensed mobile home park within the zone. "Mr. Bore Holes is considering removing some uses and replacing them with camping tents," he said. City Councilor Kiernan McManus indicated some adjustments to the initial amendment proposal, which included limiting the duration of coverage for those remaining at the mobile home park to HARHAY cover up in cover-up two weeks over 30 days. McManus said that it would even now be able to support the recovery of activity throughout the period of activity. "We are not trying to make sure these people keep a long period of time," Holes said. Bore Hole also mentioned that most people who cover are recognized and that this would not be very useful for his business. He planned to provide them with a pleasant camping destination, instead of converting the offending items and sending them back to a place other than the one he needed. In addition, roofing sites must be at least 500 square feet and 250 feet from the toilet. Bore Holes said he had no problem with individual requests. "I appreciate the fact that you use the city to generate this availability," said Councilor Peggy Leavitt.

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